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PVDF Coating Aluminium Composite Panel

PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

·Stove lacquered
·High quality colour consistency
·Very even,flat surfaces
·No heavy metals in the lacquer system
·Conforms to RoHS, REACH
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PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel has the advantages and performances of traditional fluorocarbon (PVDF) aluminum composite panel, and uses high-tech nano-coating technology to make it resistant to dirt, self-cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, etc. The performance of PVDF aluminum composite panel has a superior performance than the fluorocarbon PVDF aluminum composite panel, which is a new building material with the meaning of renewal.






Anti-Static, Antibacterial, Fireproof, Mould-Proof


20  years for PVDF

PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel's thickness:


Total panel thickness:


PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel's width:

915mm, 1000mm, 1220mm (regular), 1250mm, 1500mm, 1550mm, 2000mm(maximum);

PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel's length

Up to 1OOOOmm;

Standard size:

1220mm(Width) ×2440mm(Length).

Surface Treatment:

PVDF coating.

PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel's color

Customer's Requirements

2.Our colors




The decorative effect of PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel is good, and the surface can be subjected to secondary processing such as anti-corrosion, silk flowering, painting, printing, etc., and the price is low. Can be perfectly presented in interior decoration.


The quality index of PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel is high, and the current lightning protection technology and measures are mature,It is an excellent material for making the exterior of the building

Light weight, moderate rigidity, shock absorption, sound insulation,Is the best material for billboardsVCG21ee5fd1598.jpg

4.Technical Date


Test Standard

Test Standard

Test Value

Salt Spray Resistance

ASTM B117-03

3000 hrs no change

4500 hrs no change

Colors Resistance




Degradation of Gloss


Not interior to grade 2

Not interior to grade 2

Chalking Resistance


No change

No change

Bending Strength

ASTM d790-03

≥100 MPa

105 MPa

Penetrating Resistance

SDTM D732-02



Heat Distortub Temperaturer

ASTM D648-01



Peel Strength

ASTM D903-98

Average ≥130N

Average ≥150N

5.Our exhibition

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6.Our factory

工厂3.jpg 工厂4.jpg

工厂5.jpg 工厂6.jpg

7. Shipment&delivery


8.Quality Sourcing

JXG chooses the top and famous supplier to source the best raw material, this is how we can ensure the products'stability and reliability.



1).13 Years History

2).Professional in manufacturing, marketing and service for 16 years.

3).7 Production LineS, Produce 20,000 sqm per day, finish your order on time.

4).24-Hours Working

5).Contact line is 24-hours available for your any question.

6).Flexible MOQ Any quantity is available if we have your specification in stock.

7).Good Location Our factory is near to Canton Fair and Foshan---famous building material market.

8).Strict Quality Controlling ISO9001:2008, PPG, SGS, KYNAR500

9).Shipping Company Introduce you our good partner--experienced shipping company with competitive price.

10).OEM Service Accept your own design.

11).Free Translation Offer free translation for our customers during Canton Fair time.

10. FAQ

Q: How to choose the panel thickness for different usages?

Exterior usage: 4mm panel with 0.30mm,0.40mm or 0.50mm aluminum skin, better in PVDF coating.

Interior usage: 2mm/3mm/4mm panel with 0.06mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm or 0.21mm aluminum skin, PE coating is ok.

Q: How to check whether this product is in good quality?

A. First is to see whether the surface is smooth enough, no ripples, bubbles and scratches.

B. Second is to check whether the panel thickness and aluminum skin thickness is thick enough.

C. To check the core material, whether it's easy broken.

D. To test the peel strength between aluminum skin and the core .

E. See whether company is normal manufacturer, which have ISO, CE, SGS certificate.

Q: How to confirm the color for what you want?

You can contact me for our color card.

You can also choose a color from the RAL/Panton color card.

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