Composite aluminum panels: lightness, ductility and resistance
Dec 29, 2018

 The composite aluminum panel is constructed in a variety of colors for excellent portability and excellent breakage resistance for easy handling and installation in a variety of scenarios and environments. Its minimum maintenance requirements increase the cost of significant cost reductions in the medium to long term.


Its fixed system offers a choice of two options - hidden or sight - to increase the possibility of modulation, thus achieving a modern aesthetic design that stands out in any urban landscape and stands out.


One of its features highlights resistance to hail, sealing and insulation, durability and ductility, innovative design, lightness and high fracture resistance, and good adaptability to various forms and explosions.


As for its application, composite aluminum panels are ideal for building lightweight exterior walls, walls, walls, ceilings and upholstery. They are widely used in the same way for the manufacture of booths, exhibitors, billboards, canopies, drafts and corporate images.


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