Advantages of Alusong & Medal . ACM
Nov 02, 2018

Advantages of Alusong & Medal. 

1. New Lacquering Higher Tension. 

   Our New Digital applies a special lacquering system which achieves a surface tension more than 38 dyne. thus the ink adheion more than 38 dyne, thus ink adhesion has a huge improvement , even better comparing to our previous version digital panels. 

2.Easy Peeling Super Clean . 

  New special firm has been applied to the new digital panels , with stable adhesion strength, easy to peeling .Clean surface , no pretreatment reqauired . saves labor. 

3. Extremely Flat. Extremely Fast

  With many improvements in the core material , new digital panel has extreme flat quality, no bowing , improved printing speeds can be achieved. 

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