How is the fireproof composite board produced?
Sep 06, 2018

There are two main methods for industrial production of fireproof composite panels: explosive composite and hot rolled composite. The production process of explosive composite panels is to superimpose the fireproof panels on the carbon steel substrate, and the fireproof panels and the carbon steel substrates are separated by a mat. Distance, the fire board is flattened with explosives, and the explosive energy of the explosives causes the fire board to impact the carbon steel substrate at high speed, generating high temperature and high pressure, so that the interface between the two materials can achieve solid phase welding. Ideally, the shear strength per square millimeter of the interface can reach 400 MPa. The hot-rolled composite sheet process is formed by rolling a carbon steel substrate and a fireproof board in a physically pure state under high vacuum conditions. The two metal diffusions during the rolling process achieve a complete metallurgical bond. Of course, in order to improve the wetting effect of the composite interface and improve the bonding strength, a series of technical measures are taken in the physical and chemical treatment of the interface. The above two composite board manufacturing methods all implement the GB/T-8165-1977 national standard. This standard is not equivalent to the Japanese JISG3601-1990 standard, and the main technical indicators are the same or higher than the Japanese standard.

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