Identification of good and bad Marble Aluminum Composite Panel
Nov 09, 2018

      Marble Aluminum Composite Panel is a new type of building decoration material that has emerged in recent years. It has simple material processing---all kinds of shapes can be completed with general tools; high fire resistance and super weather resistance - can reach 20 years without Fading; various colors - large choice of space; easy to maintain - clean with water and medium-sized detergent, and a variety of unique properties such as new materials after cleaning, making it widely used in interior and exterior decoration of major buildings . Due to the wide application of aluminum-plastic composite panels, the profits are considerable. Some manufacturers will use some cheap materials instead of high-quality materials to produce inferior Marble Aluminum Composite Panel instead of high-quality aluminum-plastic panels. How to distinguish the quality and inferior quality of Marble Aluminum Composite Panelimportant. 

  1. Use salt to see if the Marble Aluminum Composite Panel is flat, corrugated, air bubbles, or scratches. 

  2. Measure with a measuring tool, whether the thickness of the Marble Aluminum Composite Panel meets the national production requirements.

  3. Fold the foot of the  by hand to see if it breaks. The easily broken core is made of poor quality plastic. 

  4. Burn the broken plastic plate core with fire, the complete combustion is the real LDPE core material, if not, it indicates the inclusion of impurities. 

  5. Ask the manufacturer's quality inspection report, quality assurance certificate and national quality certification to see if it is a regular manufacturer.


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