Multi-purpose composite aluminum
Sep 06, 2018

Characteristics of multi-purpose composite aluminum profiles: Multi-purpose composite aluminum profiles (мΑк) are usually processed into profiled sections (with round, angular, tubular, etc.) of more than 10 meters. The interior is made of fibrous material and the surface is hard. Aluminum or aluminum alloy is subjected to a stretching process or a compound with high dispersion, high strength and high temperature resistance (carbide, nitride, boride, cyanide, oxide, rare earth element, etc.), and the molecular size is from 30 to 400. Ai.

Use and application range of multi-purpose composite aluminum profiles: rod materials used in casting aluminum ingot or aluminum alloy process, directly fed to the crystallization furnace; or semi-discontinuous to the distribution furnace, the castings thus produced or through the liquid Forged parts with micro-structure and enhanced mechanical strength; made of welding rods for welding and bonding of gold and aluminum, such welds have a micro-structure and high mechanical strength; as a building structural material, this material High mechanical strength, good elasticity and good fatigue resistance.

Advantages of multi-purpose composite aluminum profiles: Compared with similar foreign products, this material has high modification flexibility and higher physical and mechanical properties.

Multi-purpose composite aluminum profile practicality: Industrial production test in aluminum plant, in which composite aluminum is used as aluminum alloy material casting.

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