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Natural Color Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Aluminium Composite Panel Colours

    ALUSONG aluminium composite panel is a multi-layer material composed of 2 sheets of aluminum alloy connected with a polymer composite core with high filling of retardants — fire-resistant additives
    You would be able to paint these aluminium composite panel colors....
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  • Wood Grain Aluminum Composite Panel

    Wood grain aluminium composite panel advantages:
    1) Fireproof
    2) Peel Strength
    3) Sound Resistance
    4) Easy to Maintain
    5) Vivid colors, real wood finishing
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  • Wooden Aluminium Composite Panel

    Wooden Aluminium composite Panel parameters:
    1) Various colors
    2) Durability
    3) fire resistance
    4) Excellent impact strength
    5) pollution resistance
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  • Interior Aluminum Composite Panel

    Interior aluminum composite panels characteristics:
    1) The PE core absorbs noise.
    2) Durability
    3) weathering resistance
    4) acidity, alkaline resistance, thermal insulation and damping.
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  • Aluminum Partition Panel

    1)Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
    2)Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant
    3)Light weight, easy to installation
    4)Easy for clean and maintenance
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  • Wood Texture Aluminum Composite Panel

    Wood Texture aluminium composite panel parameters:
    1) Super weather resistance
    2) Light weight easy to proceed
    3) Excellent fireproof property
    4) Excellent impact strength
    5) Easy to maintain
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  • Wood Finish Aluminium Composite Panel

    Wood Finish Aluminium Panels parameters:
    1) fireproof property
    2) surface flatness and smoothness
    3) Perfect cold resistance performance
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  • Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

    Wooden aluminum composite panel parameters:
    1) Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
    2) 3D fresh natural wooden visual impression
    3) Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant
    4) Excellent impact strength
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  • Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel

    Marble finish aluminum composite panels parameters:
    1) Super weather resistance
    2) Bright, elegant and magnificent, fit for various designs performance
    3) No pollution to the environment.
    4) Excellent impact strength
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  • Marble ACP Aluminum Composite Panel

    Marble acp aluminum composite panels parameters:
    1) Versatile quality assurance
    2) Good durability
    3) Good flatness
    4) Strong decoration
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  • Marble Aluminum Composite Facade

    Marble aluminum composite Facade parameters:
    1) Light weight easy to proceed
    2) Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
    3) Even coating, various colors
    4) Superior impact resistance
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  • Aluminum Sandwich Panel

    Aluminum sandwich panel structure:
    1)Protective film to protect panel surface
    2)PE coating with clean or colors applied on aluminium sheet
    3)Polymeric membrane composites the aluminium onto core
    4)LDPE/FR core is made from low density polyethylene...
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