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Interior Aluminum Composite Panel

Interior aluminum composite panels characteristics:
1) The PE core absorbs noise.
2) Durability
3) weathering resistance
4) acidity, alkaline resistance, thermal insulation and damping.
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Interior aluminum composite panels are flexible, formable, compact and stable which allows them to be used in various applications but mostly they are used in architecture and designing. Interior aluminum composite panels are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container constructions, etc. Most of the time you will find Aluminum Composite Material panels used in making signs which you can see outside stores and such, and that is due to the Aluminum Composite Material being weather proof in addition to being light and durable.




Options: 915mm--1550mm,


2440mm -- 4880mm


thickness (mm)

3mm, 4mm


thickness (mm)





Solid, metallic, glossy, pearl, mirror, stone look,

wood look, brushed, etc

Brand /OEM

Alusong & Medal/ Customized

Color Chart



A) May be widely used in gallaies, exhibition, saloons, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments

B) An ideal decorative materials for buildings
C) An ideal outer and inner walls
D) Kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels, subway, interiors
E) Ceilings, eaves, galleries, balconies, partitions, interior decorations
F) Telephone tooth's, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage etc. 

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Workshop Display

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Recycling & Environmental Protection

Environment protection

For ALUSONG, effective and continuing environmental protection is a social responsibility. During the entire manufacturing process we use advanced exhaust & waste water treatment equipment and energy recycle facility to assure the industrial pollution is minimized. These procedures conform to international pro-environment standards, and the reduction of environment-polluting influences.


ALUSONG's aluminum composite panel is fully recyclable. Especially the aluminum layers and PE core the protective film can be endlessly recycled without any quality losses.

Quality Sourcing

JXG chooses the top supplier to source the best raw material.



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Company profile

ALUSONG is the product trademark of  Industrial Co ltd which has produced and exported aluminum composite panel since 2003.

Our mission is "Overturn our future through material revolution". We hold patents on our newly developed product technology. Our development effort covers productivity, decorative options, pollution clearance, green product enhancement and functional coverage.

Our product has been widely used for curtain wall, showroom, interior decoration, cabinet etc. They are well received by our customers all over the world due to the excellent in workmanship, quality performance as well as designs.

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