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Aluminum Composite Board Purchase
Sep 06, 2018

1. Select suitable products according to their own needs, including the specifications and colors of the products, especially the thickness of aluminum-plastic panel aluminum and the use of aluminum-plastic panels (indoor or outdoor) and core material quality.

2. Use the measurement to check whether the thickness of the aluminum-plastic panel is up to standard.

3. Check if the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is marked by bubbles, ripples, etc.

4. Undo the sample and perform the breaking experiment. The good aluminum-plastic plate is difficult to break.

5. Try to use the same batch of goods, the same color of different batches of goods to avoid chromatic aberration.

6. Check the date of production of the aluminum-plastic composite panel, try not to use the long-term storage of goods, and avoid the presence of residual glue when tearing the protective film.

7. Select the products of well-known manufacturers, the quality is guaranteed.

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