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APPPEXPO 2019 Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition#PAC#
Jan 13, 2019

The annual global advertising logo industry event - APPPEXPO will continue to be held at Shanghai Hongqiao·National Exhibition Center from March 28 to 31, 2018.

By then, more than 180,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries are expected to visit and purchase, and more than 2,000 from more than 30 countries and regions.

Enterprises exhibiting, the exhibition area is more than 230,000 square meters.

The scope of exhibits covers: digital printing technology equipment and materials, digital printing, advertising media and materials, engraving machines, signs and digital signs, exhibition equipment,

POP and commercial facilities, LED products, corrugated boxes, color box packaging and many other fields.

The intersection of advertising and new technology

Traditional equipment products, driven by digital technology, cross each other in new media and fields, weaving an endless network. These points are

It is a new product, a new application, a new program. Accurately touching these intersections will accurately grasp the future development of the industry.

APPPEXPO has always focused on this and explores the best solutions they need by communicating with a wide range of industry professionals. APPPEX

PO looks forward to exploring "the intersection of advertising and new technologies" with you, showing the convergence of advertising products and new technologies, and how to expand the new boundaries of advertising in the future.

Exhibition scope;

1H Hall - Engraving Machine

Area A 1200 yuan / square meter B area 1000 yuan / square meter

Engraving machine|Laser engraving machine|CNC engraving system|*** and accessories|signage equipment|blistering machine|acrylic equipment|cutting machine|engraving machine|bending machine|polishing machine

Hall 2H - Signage and Digital Signage

Area A 1200 yuan / square meter B area 1000 yuan / square meter C area 800 yuan / square meter

Signage|Identification Products|Three-sided and Multi-faceted|New Media|Digital Signage|LCD Advertising Machine|3D Stereoscopic Products|Light Box|Lighting Products|LED Display|LED/LCD TV

Traditional signage and digital signage reflect each other. Experience the perfect combination of digital signage and touch.

Hall 3 & Hall 4.1 - International Brand Integration

Area A 2800 yuan / flat B area 2500 yuan / flat C area 2000 yuan / flat D area 1600 yuan / flat

Indoor and outdoor digital printing equipment|Digital imaging technology output equipment|UV flat digital inkjet printing equipment|Ink|Ink|Acrylic sheet, etc.

Meet the global advertising and labeling industry, especially the well-known brands in the field of digital printing.

5.1H Pavilion - Advertising Media and Materials

Area A 1500 yuan / square meter B area 1200 yuan / square meter

Printing cloth|Adhesive products|Reflective materials|Photo paper and related indoor and outdoor digital printing consumables|Ink|Ink|Acrylic sheet|PVC foam board|Aluminum-plastic board

You can see a wide range of brands, quantities and types of materials, media and inks beyond your imagination.

6.1H Pavilion - Exhibition Equipment, POP and Digital Display

Area A 1200 yuan / square meter B area 1000 yuan / square meter C area 800 yuan / square meter

Exhibition Equipment|Portable Exhibition Series|Display Stands and Other POP Products|Commercial Decoration Materials|Shelf and Product Display Cabinet|Promotional Equipment|Holographic Projection|Interactive Multimedia|Augmented Reality AR|Virtual Reality VR|3D Display, etc.

Help companies to enhance their product image, promote new ways of promotion, attract customers and stimulate purchase desire.

7.1H Pavilion - Digital Printing Technology Equipment

Area A 1,300 yuan / square meter B area 1,100 yuan / square meter

Indoor and outdoor digital printing equipment | digital imaging technology output equipment | UV flat panel digital inkjet printing equipment banner machine | cold heading machine | feeder | laminating machine, etc.

The digital printing equipment brands come together to show the overall progress and great power of Chinese manufacturing.

8.1H Pavilion - Digital Printing | Digital Printing Technology Equipment

Digital inkjet textile printing equipment|UV flatbed inkjet printing equipment|Digital inkjet textile printing system|Textile direct injection printing ink|Textile printing products|Digital printing equipment indoors and outdoors|Digital shadow

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