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Development Trend Of China's Home Building Materials Industry In 2019#Alucobond#
Jan 12, 2019

  From the current situation of market development, most of the judgments have been verified by the market. The judgment of the market is not from the outset, not only from the familiarity of the whole industry, but more importantly through the research of society, market, industry, enterprise, and the judgment of consumption trends. Find ways to break through the future by integrating all aspects of information. In 2019, for the home building materials industry, it will become the new development year for the home building materials industry. In the face of the new year, we must not only summarize the past, but also plan and decode the future. We are not worried about the coming of tomorrow, we just have to be careful to deal with the changes of tomorrow. In 2019, the development trend of China's home building materials industry will be concentrated in the following ten aspects: 1. Service and design-oriented enterprises will rise strongly 2. The environmental performance of products in the home building materials industry will rise to the strategic level 3. Traffic in the decoration industry Will be further activated 4, the retail market will further shrink 5, the home building materials industry store format will be reorganized 6, the store's sales model will be redefined 7, the overall home will become the industry's important traffic portal 8, the whole assembly will promote the industry Horizontal integration between enterprises 9. The commercial platform designed as a traffic port will rise. 10 The service-oriented business model will be further developed to be market-oriented, with consumer demand as the entry, traffic as the core, and enterprise core competition. Force is driven. These elements will become the driving factor for the development of the industry, and will also become the focus of the company in the development of the strategic process. 1. Service and design-oriented enterprises will rise strongly If the past decade is driven by products, prices, channels, and promotions, the new decade will be defined as: product, design, service. And experience the industry market with core elements. In the context of consumer diversification, consumer demand is further activated, and the perception of products and services will undergo revolutionary changes. The requirements for products are higher, the design requirements are more self-contained, the service requirements are more consumer-centric, and the attention to the experience exceeds the attention to products and prices. In this respect, the marketing of the traditional home building materials company from model, sales process, service system will be re-architected. The self-centered sales model design will enter the life cycle of the recession. 2. The environmental performance of products in the home building materials industry will rise to the strategic level. Environmental protection has always been the main focus of the home building materials industry. At the moment, the requirements for environmental protection are not only aimed at the consumer level, but more importantly, for the self-survival of enterprises. In this respect, the national environmental protection policy has fully explained this point. For the home building materials enterprises, they will redistribute their own industrial layout, re-examine their core advantages and re-integrate their own industry resources. At the same time, downstream customers of home building materials will force the entire industry to fully improve environmental protection requirements. The re-layout of the industry chain and production factors in the entire industry has become a problem that must be solved at the moment. 3. The traffic of the decoration industry will be further activated. The decoration industry is fully activated under the spur of consumer demand. Consumers have been able to accept the products and services of the decoration industry. The second spring of the decoration industry has arrived, which is after the 1990s. The rise of consumption of the main body and the upgrading of consumption in the whole market are not unrelated. In this respect, the decorative industry will be the biggest beneficiary. From the point of view of product design in the decoration industry, the home building materials industry will be largely excluded. Enterprises lacking service and design capabilities will become suppliers in the decoration industry, and consumer brands will be further weakened. 4. The retail market will further shrink. The home building materials industry will be affected by macroeconomics, diversification of consumption, e-commerce improvement, the rise of decorative channels, and the improvement of commercial costs. The retail market will be further disintegrated. Retail terminals are no longer consumers buying homes. The only channel for building materials. These directly reflect the sluggish retail market. Faced with such a pattern, enterprises in home building materials should not only passively shrink terminals, but also study the upgrading of business formats, the upgrading of service models, and the upgrading of experience models. Only in this way can we become passive. 5, home building materials industry store format will be reorganized as one of the main sales channels of the home building materials industry, the home store, will be affected by the entire market and the restructuring of the business, although Red Star Macalline has begun planning layout a few years ago, but In the face of the tide of consumption upgrades, the integration of this format will become a must. In the past period of time, Red Star Macalline and Alibaba, both the home and Tencent have completed the integration at the strategic level. For Red Star and actually, the basic industrial layout has been completed. The next step is to reconstruct the business aspect to complete the self-salvation. 6, the sales model of the store will be redefined. Once upon a time, the sales model of the store is the mainstream sales model of the home building materials industry. Due to the influence of the market, the store is not the mainstream choice channel for consumers. The consumers of the store are already old. More people rarely choose to complete the purchase through the channels of the store, the traditional sales terminal will be forced by the above aspects, there will be a closed shop. Terminal stores with design and service as the core will receive more attention. Consumer experience and interaction will become a breakthrough in the transformation of stores. 7. The overall home will become an important traffic portal for the whole industry. Under the impact of the market, the decoration pattern of consumers has changed, and the decoration and purchase process of consumers has been further restructured. The decoration method with hard-installed, installed and soft-packed as the key nodes is widely accepted. As an important node for installation, the whole enterprise has already shown its own advantages. In this respect, the development of companies such as Europe, Sofia, and Shangpin Home has already begun to take shape. Consumer traffic is largely attracted to the entrance of this new decorative demand. 8. The whole assembly will promote the horizontal integration between the enterprises in the future. The hard-installed nodes in the decoration may be activated by certain business models, and the hard-wearing will be industrialized. From the current single-package process, it cannot be completed. The whole process of consumer decoration, the hard-installed part has not yet achieved the integration of the whole process, in this respect will lead to more industry-level enterprises to horizontal integration, to achieve the entire process of the whole assembly. Who will be the first brave to eat crabs, we will wait and see. 9. The commercial platform designed as a traffic port will rise to the design and designers will be further activated in the context of current consumer demand, and consumer personalized design needs will be met to the greatest extent, especially in 3D home, cool. The Knorr-based design platform will play a huge role. From the perspective of industry traffic portal layout, a design-oriented commercial platform is likely to enter the entire industry of home building materials and become a platform for integrating resources across the industry. 10. Service-oriented business model will be further developed “Services, services and services” are the most important key businesses in the home building materials industry. Although they are valued by many companies, they have not produced fundamental value. Under the market demand in the future, which company occupies the commanding heights of services, which company can occupy the commanding heights of the market. Services such as design services, process services, installation services, and technical services will become key businesses to win the market. The market is cruel and ruthless. From the perspective of the development cycle of the industry, the home building materials industry has entered an important inflection point. Innovation and change have become a must, and the business model has not changed, and it has been unable to cope with the market. Need, the business model of home building materials companies will be re-examined and re-architected. In the future, enterprises that attach importance to design, products and services will gain a place in the new round of competition, and those enterprises that still rely on channels, promotions and prices as core competitiveness will be subject to multiple developments from the market, consumers and the industry. Strike and influence.

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