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124 Th Canton Fair Complete Sucess
Oct 23, 2018


        The Canton Fair is China's largest import and export trade fair. It attracts importers and distributors from all over the world every year, greatly increasing the transaction volume of China. After China's current Belt and Road policy, the government has increased its support for China's export trade. China’s annual export transaction volume has increased significantly. 



      Jixiangge  Building Materials Co., Ltd. insists on “going out” and walks to the customer's side, so that customers can come into contact with our products face to face, see our samples, and truly trust our quality and trust our company.



Actively use the platform of the Canton Fair to showcase your best style to customers.


The customer's needs are the pursuit of our Shandong Jixiangge ACP , insisting on using the best raw materials to make the best quality products.

We are waiting for your order! 


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