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Fireproof Composite Board Related Knowledge
Sep 06, 2018

The fireproof composite board comprises a core layer composed of a composite board containing natural inorganic minerals as a main raw material, and the single layer or both sides of the core layer are compounded with an alloy aluminum skin by using glue as a bonding medium, because the core layer is used The composite board with natural inorganic minerals as the main raw material does not catch fire at the high temperature fire of 1200 °C. It can reach the national fireproof test for 4 hours of non-combustible A grade. It can only reach the B1 flame retardant/harder than the similar plate. The fireproof performance of the fire is very good. Secondly, since the core layer is an inorganic material, the calcination is not only completely incombustible but also smokeless and non-toxic, and the utility model can be used as a green environmental protection product. In addition, a variety of colors and realistic images can be adjusted on the outer alloy aluminum skin to make it have good decorative properties.

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