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Future Development And Prospect Of Aluminum-plastic Panel Curtain Wall
Sep 06, 2018

Although there are many problems and difficulties in the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, this is only an inevitable process in the development of things. As long as we can get to know him and solve it as soon as possible, combined with the advantages of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall and the development of new high-performance aluminum-plastic panel products and new systems of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, we believe that the future of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall should be broad. As one of the building curtain wall products, it is irreplaceable and will continue to develop for a long time.

In addition, the export volume of aluminum-plastic composite panels has doubled in recent years. In order to avoid domestic project arrears and vicious competition in the same industry, some manufacturers have made great efforts to open up foreign markets. Currently, the regions with more exports are CIS, Turkey, In Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, I believe that in the near future, aluminum-plastic panels produced in China will be used in engineering projects around the world.

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