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Metal Composite Board And Its Economic Benefits
Sep 06, 2018

As the name implies, a metal composite board is a layer of metal coated with another metal plate, so as to effectively achieve its mechanical strength and anti-corrosion performance, such a production process also achieves the effect of saving resources and reducing costs.

Metal composite panels often use rolling composite, explosive composite, explosive rolling composite methods in the process of processing. The composite materials can be divided into composite pipes, composite plates and composite bars according to their appearance. The main products are Effective use in petrochemical, light industry, electric construction and other industries.

The metal composite board material technology can give full play to the advantages of raw materials and realize the optimal configuration of each group of raw materials, which can save a lot of precious metal materials to a large extent, and can directly realize the requirement that a single metal cannot meet the performance.

The processing of metal composite panels requires very good mechanical properties. The two metal materials usually need to be welded together by explosion, and the mechanical properties of the substrate are not changed during the processing.

The wide application of metal composite panels brings good social and economic benefits to the country. It is very easy to get social support and help in the process of processing and production. Now the performance of heterogeneous metal composites is functional and low. Wide range of cost and application, very effective to improve the development potential of traditional metal composites.

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