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The Future Development Trend Of New Wall Materials
Sep 06, 2018

The new wall materials aim to save energy, save land, reduce waste and improve building functions. We will vigorously develop various lightweight panels and concrete blocks to develop load-bearing composite wall materials. The proportion of new wall materials to the total amount of wall materials will increase from 28% at the end of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" to 35%. The focus is on the construction of leading product lines of the highest grade, non-level and scale. Hollow bricks focus on the development of waste slag addition, high void ratio, high thermal insulation performance, high-strength load-bearing perforated bricks, and exterior wall facing clear-water wall bricks; concrete blocks focus on the development of double-row or multi-row holes for insulation load-bearing Block and exterior wall facing blocks, focusing on the development of mechanized (extrusion) production of lightweight porous strips, external wall composite insulation or finished panels with veneers, and with the construction department to promote the application of light steel structural systems, development Various fabricated slats. Aiming at new products and technologies with market prospects, we will research and develop new technologies, new technologies and new equipment suitable for China's national conditions on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and equipment. Focus on using as little natural resources as possible, reducing energy consumption and using a large amount of total income as raw materials; try to use production technology that does not pollute the environment; try to make products not only harm human health, but should be beneficial to human health; The development of products with good social benefits strives to catch up with the contemporary level of the moderately developed countries in the 1930s.

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