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ALUSONG has advanced 2 dust-free coating equipment lines and 7 pieces of German technology aluminum composite panel automatic compound production lines. The laboratory is equipped with advanced detection instruments. The company has excellent technology and strict and perfect quality management system. The scientific and technical team with professional and technical elites and leading level make full use of new technologies, new processes, and new materials to ensure product stability and reliability. Product quality stems from advanced manufacturing equipment and rigorous quality control system, quality consciousness is due to continuous innovation

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ALUSONG has established a complete physics and chemistry lab. According to the requirement of the client, the lab is able to make precise test and certification for various performance targets of the product.The required glossiness, boiling water resistance and resistance to change of temperature can be ensured by the physical performance test. The required coating thickness, pencil hardness, grinding resistance, and soil resistance can be ensured by the coating performance test.

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The bending strength, peeling strength, and impact strength can be analyzed by the mechanical property test. The acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, and salt-spray resistance can be analyzed by the corrosive resistance property test. The adhesion performance of the paint can be analyzed by the solvent resistance performance test.

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