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Signage Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Sign Board Aluminum Composite Panel

    1. We supply sign board aluminum composite panels with high quality;
    2. We have more than 100 colors;
    3. Our products include common panels and fireproof panels, with coating PE/PVDF;
    4. We promise 10 to 20 years warranty;
    5. What’s more, we have 7...
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  • 4x8 Aluminium Composite Panel

    1. Cost effective;
    2. Easy Installation;
    3. Low maintenance;
    4. Robust durability & Lightweight;
    5. Unlimited color range available;
    6. 20 Year warranty available;
    7. Versatility and formability.
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  • High Gloss Aluminum Composite Panel

    1. Excellent torsion strength;
    2. Easy processing and installation;
    3. Outstanding characteristics of fireproofing;
    4. Excellent impact resistance;
    5. Excellent weather resistance;
    6. Even coating &various color;
    7. Easy to maintain.
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  • Aluminum Composite Building Panel

    1. Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
    2. Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant
    3. Light weight, easy to installation
    4. Easy for clean and maintenance
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  • 3mm Aluminum Composite Panels

    1) Good weather resistance, high strength, easy maintenance.
    2) Convenient construction, short construction period.
    3) Excellent processing, heat, noise and fire performance.
    4) Good plasticity, impact resistance, reduce weight of building, good shock...
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  • Glossy Core Aluminum Composite Panel

    1. Can be easily machined, shaped and assembled;
    2. Anti-pollution, anti-scald, self-cleaning;
    3. Cold hended, folded, and rolled;
    4. Riveted, screwed, welded, clamped or bonded.
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  • Poster Glossy Aluminium Composite Panel

    A: More than 10 years'experience in the field.
    B: OEM and ODM as per customers' requirement.
    C: Strict quality control.
    D: Resource--Sufficient supply capacity and reliable suppliers.
    E: Capital--Adequate self-owned funds and L/C payment is...
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  • Advertising Aluminum Composite Panel

    1 Light weight: 30-40% less than domestic traditional products;
    2 Easy maintenance: no obvious repairing marks after repairing, which is unmatched by steel and aluminum panels.
    3 Product life: 4-6 times higher than domestic traditional products.
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  • Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel

    1. Flame retardant performance: retardant index in line with national standards B1;
    2. Impermeability: impervious to water and have excellent water resistance.
    3. Environmental performance: no volatile and corrosive substances, and the product is green and...
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  • Brushed Silver Aluminum Composite Panel

    1. Good weather resistance, such as chemical salt and alkali, temperature;
    2. Diversity of choice in color and style;
    3. Easy processing and installation;
    4. Easy maintenance and environmental friendliness;
    5. Anti-bacteria, anti-static,...
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  • 3mm Aluminum Composite

    1. Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
    2. Lightweight & Energy-Absorption
    3. Fireproof & Waterproof
    4. Heat & Sound Insulation
    5. Excellent Moisture & Corrosion Resistance
    6. Excellent crush strength and stiffness
    7. Super Flatness and...
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  • Aluminum Composite Board

    1) Smoothness, light and firm.
    2) More colors are available.
    3) Processing equipment is simple, can process on site.
    4) Designs and patterns can be customized production.
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