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Glossy Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Building Panel

1. Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
2. Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant
3. Light weight, easy to installation
4. Easy for clean and maintenance
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Aluminum Composite Building Panel

A. Product introduction

Aluminum Composite Building Panel is a kind of aluminum composite panel that is specifically used as a building materials. As we all know, one of the most important characteristics of materials used in construction is the good quality. After all, it is about the health and safety of people's lives. Therefore, the aluminum composite materials used in the construction is mostly made of PVDF materials, and the core material is also selected with good quality materials, which can ensure the firmness of the building built to the greatest extent, thereby ensuring people's safety.

Aluminum Composite Building Panel

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B. Product details

1) Protective film with ALUSONG brand or as your requested.

2) Front side: aluminum roll coated with PVDF/PE.

3) Macromolecular lamination film.

4) Core: Non-toxic polyethylene.

5) Macromolecular lamination film.

6) Rear side: Aluminum coated with primer or as requested.


C. Product parameters

ACP's Length

Standard 2440mm, options: 3050mm, 5000mm,
  5800mm, or any other length that can be put into a 20gp container.

ACP's Width

Standard 1220mm, options: 900mm, 1500mm,
1250mm, 2000mm or any other width .

ACP's Thickness

Standard thickness: 3mm&4mm, options: 2mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc

Thickness of aluminum skin



Building, advertising, wall decoration, interior decoration, etc


PE 10 years, PVDF 20 years



D. Product application

Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies

Shop door decorations

Advertisement board display platforms and signboards

图片18.png 图片19.png

Building exterior curtain walls

Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings

Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels

timgH0QQFDOK.jpg timgT0SQMF7N.jpg

E. Colors sample


F. About us

Alusong is the product trademark of Shandong Jixiangge Building Material Technology Co., Ltd, which has produced and exported aluminum composite panel since 2006. Our mission is "Overturn Our Future through Material Revolution". We hold patents on our newly developed product technology. Our development effort covers productivity, decorative options, pollution clearance, green product enhancement and functional coverage.

Our product has been widely used for curtain wall, showroom, interior decoration, cabinet, etc. They are well received by our customers all over the world due to the excellence in workmanship, quality performance as well as designs.

a.  Exhibition

参展1.jpg 参展3.JPG

参展6.JPG 参展2.JPG

b. Company and Factory

工厂8.jpg 工厂1.jpg

工厂1-4.jpg 工厂7.jpg

G. Packaging & Delivery

Aluminum composite panel: bulk pallet

Port: Shandong, QINGDAO

Lead Time: 10 DAYS


H. Brand LOGO


I. Inspection report



Q: How can we bend with a panel folder?

A: Use a folding table. Min inside radius r=40xt (t=panel thickness.

Q: How can we rout a panel?

A: ALUSONG can easily be folded by hand if a “V” shaped groove is milled on the rear of the panel. This can be done using a conventional router (available from your local DIY store) or CNC milling machine.

Q: What is the difference between anodized and mill finished?

A: Mill is the raw state of aluminum as extruded--no surface treatment. Anodized (also known as Satin Clear or Clear Anodized) is an electrolytic process. This process increases corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

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